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Mission & Vision

A vision with a holy mission to effect a generation with radiant future was the innate drive which worked behind establishment of this school in 1964. The urge to acheive the seemingly impossible... In the era of gross materialism and profit motivated education scenario, Chennamangallur Higher Secondary School is braving the battles against these evils. read more

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Chennamangallur High School

Chennamangallur High School is bracketed with the most illustrious educational institutions in Kerala. Since its inception in 1964 it has scaled heights of achievements and made high watermarks of quality.  In 1998, it's upgraded Higher Secondary School. 

Our Facilities


Library of Chennamangallur Higher Secondary school is one the best in its kind. It encorages students to cross the walls of classrooms and walk beyond text books.

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Chennamangallur Higher Secondary School envisages learning experience well facilitated in all respects.

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Smart Class Rooms

Arrival of technolgy has reshaped matter and manner of classroom teaching. We are keen to install the benifits of technological advancements to renew teaching-learning experiences

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